About Our Fitness Classes

Our fully equipped studio means we can offer both mat and machine based classes. You can join us on a drop-in basis or sign up for one of our registered classes.

Please note: If you have unique needs or injuries, private individual sessions are required in the beginning. Group classes are not intended for those in acute pain.  Please consider individual sessions where assessment and modifications can be applied specifically to your needs.


It is our intention to keep our loyal students working together to build and maintain the proper progression for the group as a whole. This is why registration for these classes is required.  These students receive the best value in terms of price.


Drop-in classes allow you to give Pilates a try before committing to a pre-registered session. All drop-in classes are taught at a beginner level, so that we can welcome those at all stages of development.


We offer private and semi-private Pilates lessons, which incorporate mat work, reformer, Cadillac and other apparatus. To book a session, call us at 780-909-3539 oremail us.

Fitness Class Descriptions


The mat is the foundation of Pilates, or what Joseph Pilates originally called Contrology.  The mat work was developed first as a sequence of exercises done in a precise order maintaining proper alignment on a mat.  One begins standing with correct posture then moves into a horizontal position allowing the muscles and joints to open without gravity.  The flow of the class is maintained with seamless transitions connecting breath and movement.  The exercises develop the deepest and most intrinsic muscles of the body, the “core” muscles of the abdominals, pelvis, hips, and shoulders.  As a result, the body becomes stronger from the inside out.  The posture is improved, allowing one to move and stretch with ease and fluidity.


These fun group classes are an hour long aerobic workout, incorporating ballet, Pilates and Yoga.  Small weights are used for the arm circuits, and we finish on the mat with a variety of full body conditioning exercises.


We offer private or semi- private Pilates sessions which incorporate the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and barrels.


Classes are held using the Universal Reformer, which allow  the familiar mat exercises to be performed with the tension of springs to challenge your strength even more.  Familiarity with the mat work is absolutely necessary to begin a class.

Group Classses

  • Group Mat Classes
  • 10 class pass card for $160.00
  • Drop-in mat classes: $18.00 per class
  • 20 Classes: $300.00
  • Barre Classes
  • 5 Classes: $85.00
  • 10 Classes: $160.00
  • 20 Classes: $300.00
  • Group Equipment Classes (Reformer)
  • 6 week pre-registered session: $210.00
  • Drop-in mat classes: $18.00 per class
  • 20 Classes: $300.00

Private & Semi Private Classes

  • Individual Private Sessions
  • Private Sessions: $85.00
  • 5 Private Sessions: $415.00
  • 10 Private Sessions: $800.00
  • Semi Private Sessions (2 participants)
  • $110.00 per session / $55.00 per person
  • 5 Semi Privates: $220.00/person
  • 10 Semi Privates: $450.00/person


Payment can be made at the start of the session. We are currently accepting cash, cheque, debit, Visa or Mastercard.


To register for Pilates mat classes, please email info.studio124pilates@gmail.com with your name. You will receive an email confirmation that you have been registered in the class.

Private and Semi-Private sessions can be booked by calling (780) 909-3539 or emailing us at info.studio124pilates@gmail.com


24 hour cancellation notice is required for Private and Semi Private sessions. In the event of a missed Group Equipment Class, speak to your instructor about possible make-up sessions.