Franklin workshop breathing

Franklin Method Breathing Workshop

March 20, 2016 – March 20, 2016

Suite 201, 10112-124 Street

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Presented by Alysen Starko-Bowes

We take somewhere around 20,000 breaths every day. But so few of us know what actually happens when we breathe or how to improve our breathing.

Think about it, if you improved something that you do so often how it would affect your overall health!

So many movement and exercise systems are based around improving and deepening breath. There’s a reason for this!

Improved breathing will boost digestion, heart health, brain function, give you more energy and increase endurance.

In this workshop you’ll learn tools and exercises you can use everyday to improve your breathing and reap all of the benefits that it holds. You’ll learn how tension in areas of the body and poor posture can inhibit your breathing and what to do about it. You’ll discover what ‘deep breathing’ actually feels like and how you can practice this regularly.

Space in the workshop is limited. 

Hope to see you there!