Classical. Comfortable. Boutique.

Studio 124 Pilates is a movement studio committed to the classical teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. We are dedicated to quality instruction in an intimate setting with small classes to ensure your comfort and safety.  We invite you to visit our fully equipped Pilates studio where bodies and lives are transformed every day.

About Our Pilates Philosophy

We are committed to the classical teaching of Pilates as developed by its founder, Joseph H. Pilates. We don’t add anything unnecessary and we don’t come up with gimmicks. We teach the poses in the same way and sequence that Pilates himself would have taught them, so you know you are getting the effective, corrective program he intended.

We keep our class sizes small so that our instructors can focus individual attention on you, and make sure you are progressing in a correct, safe and comfortable manner.

Our pilates programs are designed to re-center the body, improve posture, restore strength and flexibility to the spine while giving you an uplifting and invigorating movement experience.

Our principles are focused on awareness, breath, balance and flowing movement. Through theses we prepare the body to meet its daily activities with vitality.

“In 10 sessions, you’ll feel better – 20 sessions, you’ll look better & in 30 sessions you’ll have a completely new body.” – Joseph H. Pilates


Sessions, you will feel better


Sessions, you will look better


Sessions, you’ll have a completely new body!