Marti Boyle

Studio 124 Pilates, Owner

I remember with joy the weekend that I drove 600 miles across Texas to take my first Pilates lesson with my mentor Colleen Glenn. It was almost 20 years ago, and I have been intrigued ever since! I love to move!

In fact after years of competition in everything from dance, cycling, running, triathlon, pro bodybuilding and figure shows, I discovered something that made me stop and literally take a breath. That something was Pilates. Through my 20 years of studies, certifications, workshops and personal practice, I found a sacred space in which profound healing took place for my body, mind and soul. I learned how teaching this work could help me spread that feeling of reverence and delight to others. I have had the privilege of working in pain clinics, hospitals and my own studios with individuals of all ages, conditions and ability levels. I found that there is indeed a common thread between these people and Pilates; it is accessible to anyone who wants to learn.

I have seen this work change many people by giving them new and improved mobility, posture, self-confidence and a sense of achievement The lives of my teachers, students and family have changed with it. I am so blessed to continue sharing Pilates and fitness here in our studio.

Comprehensive Certification with Master Teacher, Elizabeth Jones Boswell of Spokane, Washington,   Elizabeth was a protege of Ron Fletcher. Certification testing with Michelle Larssen, of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  During this training period, Marti attended workshops with Pilates Elder, Ron Fletcher, and PIlates Master Teacher Michelle Larssen.

3 years Comprehensive Certification with Master Trainer and PMA Co-Founder, Colleen Glenn of Boulder, Colorado.

2 years Certification with PeakPilates of Boulder, Colorado. 3 yrs., with Master Trainers Nancy Hurd, Austin, TX and Kimberlie Birdwell Barrett, Bozeman, MT.

Marti has also worked with Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle of Austin, TX.

Marti holds certification in THE BOOTY BARRE®, with Tracey Mallett of Los Angeles, CA


Pilates Instructor

As a welder, my body is in compromised positions all day.  Five years ago, I took a Pilates class on a whim and finally found relief for my pain. Pilates has given me strength, flexibility and healing on many levels. I have found that people are looking for a teacher who challenges them, yet pays close attention to their special needs.  Pilates provides a balanced system of support and growth for a wide variety of activities and sports.

Comprehensive Certification from Peak Pilates through Master Trainer, Kimberlie Birdwell Barrett of Bozeman, MT.


Pilates Instructor

Movement and play have always been part of my daily practice.  As a  Business Advisor for the Federal Government, I became more sedentary.  I was drawn to exercises that improved mobility, flexibility and functional movements, and Pilates seemed like the natural way for me to go.

The Pilates method allowed me to move and prevent myself from being injured , as well as allowing me to build strength from the outside in.  The playfulness of the work kept me stimulated.

I received my  Stott training from The Calgary Pilates Center in .  Comprehensive Mat Intensive and  Essential and Intermediate Reformer Intensive.


Pilates Instructor

My journey into the realm of Pilates started over a decade ago in Palm Springs. I’ll never forget the 99-year-old dynamo beside me in that class, effortlessly outperforming me and sparking my curiosity. It wasn’t until after I experienced chronic back pain following the birth of my first child that I committed wholeheartedly to regular Pilates practice. Witnessing the transformative effects on my body and how I moved through everyday life, I became deeply intrigued by its philosophy.

In 2019, I decided to take a deep dive into Pilates. I enrolled in an intensive program at a renowned Pilates university in Canmore, Alberta. There, I delved into advanced techniques across Matt, Reformer, and all apparatus. Despite encountering three major accidents/surgeries and significant life changes post-training, I credit Pilates’ principles for not only helping me endure but thrive.

Having navigated life’s challenges hand in hand with Pilates, I’m a firm believer that this practice is truly for everyone—regardless of age, fitness level, or mental agility. My 1000-hour training and real-life experiences solidify my belief that investing in Pilates is an investment in oneself with immeasurable rewards.

Beyond being a devoted mom to three lively kids, I find solace in an active lifestyle. Whether I’m riding the waves, hitting the slopes, or enjoying a swim, I emphasize the importance of balance—both on and off the mat. My love for movement is equaled by my passion for culinary arts, evident in the time I spend cooking and sharing meals with cherished friends and family.

I’m dedicated to sharing the profound impact of Pilates, creating a welcoming space where everyone can discover the vitality, strength, and mindfulness this practice offers.